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▶ Underground Metal Detector: MD-88、MD-91、MD-5008、MD-5006、MD-5002、MD-3010II、MD-3009II、MD-2500、MD-3500、MD-1005 、MD-6250、ADMT-1S、ADMT-2S、ADMT-4S、ADMT-1A、ADMT-2A、ADMT-3A、EPX7500、VR1000BII、Radar I.Underground metal detectors have deep detecting depth, high resolution, complete function, accurate positioning, etc. Products in addition used in military purposes, but also widely used in security inspection, public security detection, scrap metal recycling, industrial raw materials testing and inspection of underground metal pipe lines, help people find buried metal cultural relic. It is the indispensable tools for construction, water installation, inspection by the substation,archaeology,iron exploration,

prospecting,treasure hunting.

▶ Hand Held Metal Detector: TX-1001、TX-1001B、TX-2002、MD-3000、MD-3000II、GC-1001 MD-3003B1、GP-3003B1、PD140E、PD140N、GARETT. Hand held metal detector is mainly used to check  whether the body (object) hide metal objects. During the world expo 2010 in Shanghai,for shanghai metro operation’s security, high speed crossing security tasks,have good public praise.

▶ Walk Through Metal Detector: JT-100A、JT-100B、JT-100C、JT-100D、JT-100T、JT-BX、JT-01,JT series walk through metal detector with advanced technology,high sensitivity, good stability, etc., products is qualified by the ministry of public security safety and police electronic product quality testing center. At present,the JT series walk through metal detector has reached the international leading level.Widely used in various security inspection, metal anti-theft and other places, detection of hidden metal objects, such as: illegal COINS, gold and silver jewelry, precious metals, etc., application places such as: airports, prisons, courts, jails,drug rehabilitation center,recreation,gymnasium,exhibition hall,museum, celebrations,conferences,hardware, electronic enterprise, precious jewelry production enterprise,etc.

▶ X-ray Baggage Inspection: 5030、6550、8065、10080 、100100 150180.X-ray baggage security inspection machine has strong penetrating power, high resolution, low radiation,  products is qualified by the ministry of public security safety and police electronic product quality testing center.  Now the x-ray security inspection machine is widely used in the courts system, prison system, dock and station, get the masses of users.

▶ Dangerous liquid detection equipment, explosive drugs Detector: 1500 (handheld), ZA600 (desktop), ZA800BX (portable), 600 (desktop).Dangerous liquid detection equipment and explosive drug detection equipment designed for detection of flammable liquids, drugs and explosives security equipment, with detection speed, detection sensitivity, low power consumption, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy toMaintenance, the use of the environment and the requirements of adaptability and other characteristics, are widely used in stations, subways, airports, public security organs, large-scale games and other places of security work.

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