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ZA-UVSS-II ​Under vehicle surveillance system


ZA-UVSS-II Under vehicle surveillance system

Under vehicle surveillance system mainly adopt to inspect the beneath part of a variety of vehicles. It can quickly and accurately identify threats/ contraband/ smuggling of persons hiding at the bottom. UVSS greatly improved vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy, reduce investment in human resources.

ZA-UVSS-II Under vehicle surveillance system Features:

●Multi entrance management model, management, and statistics of entering and exiting vehicles

●Auto digital line scan, high-resolution undercarriage imaging.

●High automation, easy to be used

●Applicable to variety of vehicles, wide vision.

●Test will be completed during the vehicle maneuvers without stopping, adapted to different speed.

●Undercarriage image can be stored, retrieved, searched or compared with other images.

●Avariety of image processing methods: enlarge, stretching and cutting.

●(Optional)ALPR-Automatic License Plate Recognition and RFID technology. associative storage of various vehicle information and undercarriage images.

ZA-UVSS-II Under vehicle surveillance system Embedded Screening Part:

●Camera: Sensor: line scans CCD, Resolution: 5000*2048 pixels, Power Supply: 24VDC, 3A

●Illumination: LED, Power Supply: 24VDC,150W

● Size: 1200mm x 350mm x 300mm

●Operating Temperature Range: -20 degree to +60 degree


●Input: 2 channels induction coil

●Output: 1 Channel switch type 12VDC

●Communication port: RS485, Ethernet(Optional)

●Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 55℃

System Host

●Brand: Grantech (SYM76941VGGA)

●CPU: Intel(R)Celeron(R)CPU

E3400@2.6GHz 2.59 GHz

●Memory:2G( optional 4G)


●Hard Disk:SATA2 Hard Disk 500G

●Dual LAN (At least one Intel Gigabit)

●USB2.0 (Up to 2 pieces)

●Monitor: 22inch LCD, resolution up to 1920*1080