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JT-01 Walk Through Metal Detector (single zone)

JT-01 Walk Through Metal Detector (single zone)

JT-01 Walk Through Metal Detector (single zone) Introduce:

JT -01 is one walk through metal detector door specially designed for the security of the hardware,ship manufacturing, entertainment club, prison and court. According to the human body structure, the detecting area of metal detector door can be divided into single detection area, specially for testing knives, guns and other prohibited items.

JT-01 Walk Through Metal Detector (single zone) Features:

Single Detection Area: monolithic detection,from head to foot,uniform and stable, without weak/blind zone of detecting areas.  

Type of Alarm:audible alarm,can adjust the alarm volume knob on the panel.

Detection Sensitivity:  can stably detect metal objects which the diameter is 2 cm.

Easy operation:  adjust the alarm volume and sensitivity, directly spin the stepless adjustment knob on the front panel, simple and convenient.

Product process:  use PVC composite materials and special production craft manufacture, luxurious and beautiful.

Intelligent statistics:  intelligent traffic counting and alarm functions, can automatically statistic the passing number and alarm times, passing number is as many as 100000 people.

Anti-interference ability:  using digital and analog and balance technology, prevent false alarm and omission, greatly improve the anti-interference ability.

Electromagnetic radiation:  accord with standard of EMC electromagnetic radiation, adopts the technology of the weak magnetic field,harmless for the heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy disk, film, video and other

Installation and debugging:  metal detector door adopts integrated design, can be assembled and dismantled in only 20 minutes,random equipped with installation and commissioning operation instructions.

Usage: airport, all kinds of the venue, large-scale activities, station, wharf, entertainment places, prisons, courts, important government departments, factories, examination room, shopping malls, community channel’s security inspection and banned items inspection field.

JT-01 Walk Through Metal Detector (single zone) Technical parameters:

Power supply: AC90V-250V  50HZ-60HZ

Power: <35W

Dimensions:  2200mm(H)´800mm(W)´500mm(D)

Tunnel size:  2010mm(H)´700mm(W)´500mm(D)

Color:  black, iron gray or customized color

Weight:  about 70kg

Working environment:  -20°C—+45°C

Standards:  GB15210-2003