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JT-02 Walk Through Metal Detector (6 zones)

JT-02 Walk Through Metal Detector (6 zones)

JT-02 is one security inspection equipment designed to meet user’s demand for the high pass rate.

The world's leading shock resistant design, can display the prohibited item directly through the

post lights on both sides by 180 degrees angle.

JT-02 Walk Through Metal Detector (6 zones) Features:

1. Precision: The highest sensitivity in the middle of the door can detect one pin type (or 1/2) clip,

can detect one hundred times when pass one hundred times without omissions. Can also eliminate

the effects of belt buckle, leather shoes and the bra, can detect copper, aluminum, zinc and other

metals of more than 150 grams or knives and guns.

2. 6 zones diaplay: Products are divided into six sectors, suspicious objects can be showed exactly

in each area.

3. People counting: can detect passing numbers and alarm numbers.

4. Aseismatic design: Exclusive worldwide aseismatic design, standing in the middle of the door,

slap both sides of the door, the door will not give out false alarm.

5. Sensitivity control: Can adjust the sensitivity according to the requirement, a total of 100 level

of sensitivity.

6. Door material: Fire proof board, waterproof membrane, there are aluminum alloy pillar,

no deformation,fire-proof,dampproof.

7. Panel display: High-brightness digital display passing and alarm numbers and alarm location.

8. Can be equipped with a remote control to control the parameters. Parameters can

be protected by setting password,make unauthorized personnel not to operate.

9. Reserved communication interface, can be connected to the computer, camera, three rolls, etc.

10.  For the electromagnetic interference of a wide variety of using environment,the whole system

adopts the world advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and uses the DSP processor to

calculate and filter the sampling signal of banned items, so that the whole equipment with strong

electromagnetic anti-interference ability.

11.  Group work frequency can be set, making multiple devices adjacent to work side by side,

will not interfere with each other .

12. Will not do harm to such as the cardiac wearer, pregnant women, magnetic media.

JT-02 Walk Through Metal Detector (6 zones) Technical standards:

Electrical reference EN60950 safety standards

Radiation reference EN50081-1 standards

Anti-interference reference EN50082-1 standard

Strictly enforce the current walk through metal detector national standards

Fully passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification

Fully pass the CE certification

JT-02 Walk Through Metal Detector (6 zones) Technical parameters:

Power supply: 215V - 230V 50/60Hz

Power: 35W

Working environment:  -20°C—+45°C

Machine Weight:  about 90kg

Transportation Weight:  about 95kg

Working frequency: According to the installation environment self-adjust

Dimension size(mm) 2200 (high) x 800 (width) x 500 (deep)

Tunnel size (mm) 2000 (high) x 700 (width) x 500 (deep)