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JT-03-2 Walk Through Metal Detector

JT-03-2 Walk Through Metal Detector  (6 zones, with LED lights on both sides,Digital)

JT-03 is one security inspection equipment designed to meet user’s demand for the high pass rate. The world's leading shock resistant design, can display the prohibited  item directly through the post lights on both sides by 180 degrees angle.


JT-03-2 Walk Through Metal Detector Application:

Can quickly and effectively detect the hidden knives, guns and other prohibited equipments and electronic components, copper, tin, zinc and other precious metals in the human body.

JT-03-2 Walk Through Metal DetectorFeatures:

1. According to basic structure of human body, the walk through metal detector is divided into six overlapping network detection areas.

Using single frequency excitation technology, formed in the detection zone the very uniform vertical magnetic field density,and strong penetrating power, high detection sensitivity, eliminates the detection area of the "weak" and "blind spots". Add adjustment of the alarm volume and sensitivity, directly spinning the stepless adjusting knob on the front panel , simpler and more convenient.

2.Six detection areas have 100 level of sensitivity adjustment, the highest sensitivity can detect metal at one horn coin size. And can set the level of sensitivity, in advance according to the actual application status in the exclusion of belt buckle, key, jewelry, and coins, detected the knives, guns, or other metal objects.

3.Advanced numerical pulse technology, interactive transmitting and receiving, can accurately judge the metal object area, and can intuitively  display the prohibited item through the post lamp on both sides by 180 degrees angle.

4.Correlation infrared scanning with double sides, quickly capture the induction signal and automatically count the passing number, can completely eradicate the errors caused by backward induction when human body passing through. Reset so fast that can do the large flow rate test (60-70 / minute, passing number can also be double).Can count people from both sides (i.e., introductory statistics and out statistics) and the statistics is more accurate.

5.For the electromagnetic interference of a wide variety of using environment,the whole system adopts the world advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and uses the DSP processor to calculate and filter the sampling signal of banned items, so that the whole equipment with strong electromagnetic anti-interference ability.

6.Group work frequency can be set, making multiple devices adjacent to work side by side, will not interfere with each other .

7.The world's leading shock resistant design,will not alarm  falsely  when the door shakes,the door plank of other brand’s walk through metal detector (including foreign) will began ringing once be shocked, until the shaking stops.

8.Using high-bright digital indicator board, shows the adjustment of the parameters, passing number, passing times, area and intensity, guide the operation intuitively.

9.Working parameters can be set freely( after password protected), meet the demands of the detection accuracy under various environment.

10.Have a variety of light and sound modes, and have post lamp on the post, easier to identify,time length can be adjusted.

11.Body surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, moistureproof and fire prevention, and deformation.

12.Can be reserved by lightning protection communication interface is connected with the remote computer, monitor, statistics detection.

13.Can use the optional cameras to capture the people, data can be remotely communicated.

14.Can use the optional remote control to control the door.

15.Will not do harm to such as the cardiac wearer, pregnant women, magnetic media.

16. Used all international safety standards in accordance with current

applicable environment.

JT-03-2 Walk Through Metal Detector  Technical parameters:

1. Power supply: 220V  50/60Hz

2. Power: 35W

3. Working environment: -20°C—+45°C

4. Working frequency: According to the installation environment self-adjust

5. Transportation Weight:  about 95kg

6. Machine Weight:  about 70kg

7. Dimension size:(mm) 2200 (high) x 800 (width) x 500 (deep)

8. Tunnel size: (mm) 2010 (high) x 700 (width) x 500 (deep)