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JT-04 Walk Through Metal Detector

This picture JT-04 high-end LCD walk through metal detetoris a specifically for the high-precision electronics factory, senior conference venues and design and development of security inspection equipment. 18 detection areas can be adjusted to 255 sensitivity, viewing angle of up to 360 degrees. 2010 Shanghai World Expo period, 26 high-speed road crossing widely used to win a good reputation.

JT-04 high-end LCD walk through metal detetor Features:

1, according to the basic structure of the body, the security gate is divided into 18 detection area, multi-location synchronous detection, penetrating power, high detection sensitivity.

2, each detection area can be adjusted to 255 sensitivity, according to the actual application of the situation, pre-set the level of sensitivity, can be ruled out belt buckle, keys, jewelry, coins and other items, detection of control tools and guns or metal article.

3,5.7-inch large-screen LCD display, Chinese and English and other languages available for switching, menu selection, easy to operate, can be self-control panel to change the password and adjust the sensitivity, but also through the remote control of the door to control.

4, memory 10 quick security procedures (for a variety of places of use and a variety of metal materials detection procedures, these procedures can be called or modified at any time).

5,8 operating frequency for the choice of use, the program can set their own, anti-interference ability, making multiple devices side by side adjacent work, do not interfere with each other.

6, with advanced shock, anti-jamming technology, the door can not be false when the shaking.

7, with a variety of options sound and light alarm, easy to identify, up to eight tones, eight alarm volume for the choice of adjustment, program settings.

8, both sides of the post to install LED alarm indicator, can visually show the area where the prohibited items, left door post with a dedicated navigation indicator, beautiful eye-catching.

9, wired, wireless networking, can be up to 100 security doors for computer network control operation.

10, reserved communication interface, the use of lightning protection design (ESD), can be implemented remote control operations, such as: external camera, access control, three rolling, rolling, rolling, alarm and other peripherals.

11, two pairs of infrared on the radio, the scan, the response quickly, the reset speed is very fast, can be a large flow of detection (60 to 100 people / minute and above), and the number of people, the number of alarm statistics, statistics accurate.

12, harmless to the human body: the heart of the body pacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy, tape, video and other harmless

13, the door modeling stable, fashionable, design avant-garde, highlight the dignified luxury, fine workmanship, the door made of special materials, surface wear, corrosion resistance, waterproof, moisture, fire, no deformation.

14, the door has silver, iron gray and other colors, such as the large number of customer orders can also be selected according to customer needs door color.

15. Use all international safety standards that conform to the current applicable environment.

JT-04 high-end LCD walk through metal detetortechnical standards:

1, electrical appliances with reference to EN60950 safety standards.

2, radiation reference EN50081-1 standard implementation.

3, anti-interference with EN50082-1 standard implementation.

4, strict implementation of the current through the metal detector national standards.

5, a comprehensive through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.

6, fully certified by the European Union CE.

JT-04 high-end LCD walk through metal detetortechnical parameters:

1, external power supply: 215V - 230V 50 / 60Hz

2, power consumption: 35W

3, the working environment: -20 ℃ ─ 45 ℃

4, transport full weight: about 95kg

5, the operating frequency: according to the installation environment to adjust

6, the whole weight: about 90kg

7, Dimensions: (mm) 2220 (high) x 800 (width) x500 (deep)

Channel size: (mm) 2000 (high) x 700 (width) x 500 (deep)