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Portable ZA800BX NTD

Portable ZA800BX NTD

Portable ZA800BX NTD

1. Fashionable design and light weight          

2. Top advanced PIMS technology

3. Extremely high sensitivity: can reach 100 Nanogram level

4. 2.8 inch TFT touch screen in color display

5. Fast indentify speed and accurate result

6. Battery backup time: more than 6 hours

Portable ZA800BX NTD Technical specification:

Drug identifyDrug, cocaine,opiates(Heroine ,

and Morphine),cannabis, (Marijuana and Hashish), and    

amphetamine-type stimulants, (amphetamine, ecstasy &  


Samplingdipstick tracking trace particles

Databasesopen to user, can add new type drug

AlarmSound / light

Identify speed 8 seconds

Warm-up time 20 minutes

False alarm rate≤ 1%

Display2.8 inch TFT color touch screen

Consumption< 150W

PowerAC187-240V  50/60Hz

Operating temperature-10°C 55°C

ZA800BX  Portable NTD Highlights and advantages:

High speed indentify

Advanced migration tube ensures high resolution

Automatically cleaning system can prevent inject pollution

Renewable gas purification system

Data open to user, can add new explosive

Dipstick can be reused

Unlimited storage, USB port to output the data

Fashionable design

Light weight: less than 4.3kg

Size: 470mm(L)*170mm(W)*165mm(H)