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Explosion-proof ball Note


Angle wheel explosion - proof ball explosion - proof tank

FBQ-2-320-AT-750 Explosion-proof ball explosion-proof tank Product Overview:

FBQ-2-320-AT-750 series of spherical explosion-proof ball in accordance with the "GA 872-2010 explosion-proof ball" standard development and production, the use of high-strength, impact-resistant carbon seamless steel made of. Its superior discharge performance, explosion-proof ball inside the stability of the explosive net bag, explosion-proof ball is sealed hollow sphere, all-metal structure, effective shielding all electronic signals. After a large number of experiments proved to have a strong anti-blast ability, even if the explosion of explosives in the tube, the resulting shock waves and fragments are blocked in the ball, the surrounding people and the environment will play a very good protection, effectively To prevent the occurrence of the explosion. It is the necessary equipment for explosion prevention and safety inspection departments such as public security, armed police, courts, procuratorates, subways, civil aviation, railways, ports, customs, important places and large-scale activities.

FBQ-2-320-AT-750 Explosion-proof ball explosion-proof tank Product structure:

FBQ-2-320-AT-750 series ball-type explosion-proof ball mainly by the ball, the ball cover, switch mechanism, filter system, stop mechanism, lifting mechanism, base, casters, switch mechanism bracket, switch mechanism reducer, , Hanging rope, rings, connecting plate, connecting shaft and other components.

FBQ-2-320-AT-750 Explosion-proof ball technical indicators:

Specifications Model Name: Casters AT-750 Explosion-proof ball

Antistatic ability TNT equivalent: 2 kg, tank weight: 680kg

Basic size (mm): diameter 820 caliber 750

The lid has a maximum opening size of 320mm and a 90 degree angle to the horizontal plane

Dimensions (mm): width 920 * deep 1100 * high 950 (open cover)

                              Width 920 * deep 1100 * high 910 (closed)

Explosion-proof ball with manual way: inward flip open, the use of external manual Kai

Explosion-proof material: the inner and outer wall thickness 35MM high strength, wear-resistant seamless steel composition, and in line with the provisions of GB985.1-1998 standard explosion-proof ball safety relief device

FBQ-2-320-AT-750 Explosion-proof ball explosion-proof tank Explosion-proof capacity:

Will be 2.0KgTNT naked medicine block, placed in the explosion-proof ball inside the net, with 8 detonator detonated, after blasting, no spatter generated, there is no penetration of holes and cracks, the ball without combustion, the transmission can be normal Kai close.

Years of use: if no explosion occurs, can be stored for life.

FBQ-2-320-AT-750 Explosion-proof ball Note:

(1) Under normal conditions, the cover (door) of the explosion proof ball should be opened and closed within 30 s.

(2) the lid is heavier, the edge of the hooded parts of the tank for a long time to withstand the role of greater torque will be deformed, resulting in tight lid

(3) the stop mechanism can be fixed in the designated position of the explosion-proof ball to prevent the casual staff to move

(4) simple operation, just clockwise or counterclockwise turn the hand wheel can open or close the lid